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A listing of counselors & health professionals in our local area or virtual that have experience supporting children from foster care and adoption.


Here at the Adoption Connection, we use our real-life experiences in adoptive parenting to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

You’ll find practical resources rooted in our faith in Jesus and backed by brain-science to bring you hope for your family’s future. They offer private and group parent coaching.

We use our experience and training to help families with children who have behavioral and/or mental health challenges. 

Our team offers support, connects families with resources and services, and can help you navigate care systems.

Dr. Amy Chang is a provider with First State Pediatrics who has participated in many trainings surrounding trauma-based care for children and is a supporter of foster families.

Dr. Amy Renwick is a provider with Nemours AI DuPont who has worked with the International Adoption Program at Nemours for many years, having experience reviewing medical files for internationally adopted children and seeing them upon their entry into the U.S. 

A newsletter compiled by all agencies in Delaware providing post-adoption resources. Sent out monthly, it lists all available trainings for post-adoptive families, regardless of which agency they adopted from. 

Cam Lee Small is trans-racially adopted and founder of Therapy Redeemed, he holds a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from University of Wisconsin-Madison and is a licensed professional clinical counselor. Cam is trained in biblical counseling, PACC certified, and registered as an accredited service provider through TAC via Center for Adoption Support and Education. He is also a vetted clinician with MN ADOPT. He offers virtual counseling services.

We believe that therapeutic services for foster and adopted children are most successful when they are provided by adoption-competent and trauma-informed professionals. Given that this resource is limited, we have been building our own small therapy program in Wilmington, in order to better meet the needs of foster and adoptive families.

MAA works with families throughout the United States to place children for adoption both domestically and internationally. They are also licensed to perform home studies and post placements in Delaware, Illinois, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They offer post-adoption support to families. 


We are a non-profit agency that provides professional, trauma-informed, culturally-relevant, faith-based counseling services to the neighborhoods of Philadelphia's inner city.

We offer high-quality professional care from licensed psychologists and counselors whose work is grounded in their faith in Jesus Christ. Specific therapists with experience in foster care/adoption: Bev Ingelse & Scott Eldredge. 

Julie Lowe Smith is a licensed professional counselor and registered play therapist with CCEF who has experience as a foster and adoptive mother.

Children’s Choice brings together a dedicated, highly trained staff with a faith-based philosophy to support individuals and families who want to open their homes and their hearts to foster children. They offer foster care, adoption, and post-adoption support services.