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Blocked Care: How to Help Discouraged Adoptive Parents Regain Compassion

This month we wanted to take the time to direct you to a resource that we have found valuable.

"Many parents we work with through The Adoption Connection get to this place of apathy towards their child. They still love them, but liking and enjoying them has become difficult. When we prompt parents to be honest, and they realize they can trust us, they will put words to it. But most of the time these parents stay silent and withdrawn. The shame they feel is overwhelming. This leads to isolation and feelings of despair."

Melissa and Lisa help you understand the brain science behind what is happening not only for the children but also for parents experiencing these feelings of apathy. They help us recognize blocked care for ourselves, pointing out that it is not a character flaw but a treatable condition. The article provides some helpful steps towards recovering compassion for our children.

We hope that you can find some helpful guidance through this article.


*Link takes you to The National Council for Adoption website, Adoption Advocate issue 45.

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