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Gala Recap and Next Steps

Thank you for attending our Gala & Auction on June 3rd last month!

We were blown away by the way that you showed up and supported our cause despite all of the changes.

We were able to roll out a new virtual auction platform, allowing even folks not able to attend the gala to bid on exciting items. We were grateful to have such a plethora of items donated to the auction. This year brought many challenges to small businesses, but the generosity of many artists, craftspeople, businesses and families was astounding.

Our guest speakers were both families who parented through the pandemic. Ashley shared about how she and her husband welcomed their 9-year-old son in December of 2019. He had been legally free and waiting for a forever home. You may have even prayed for him in November of 2019 when he was on our prayer cards for children waiting to be adopted. Stories like theirs remind us that everyone has a role to play in foster care and adoption. Those of us who are praying for kids waiting for their forever homes are bringing their case before the One who can do all things.

Let’s not dismiss the powerful role that prayer can play in the life of a vulnerable child.

Chris & Kaci Rainey shared about their experience welcoming a sibling group of three into their home during the second wave of the pandemic. As first responders, all logical responses pointed to saying “no” in a situation like this. But with the support of their family, church, and MAOCC community, they felt both compelled and enabled to welcome them into their home.

The gala also enabled us to share with you our vision for the upcoming fiscal year. You’ll hear more about this as it unfolds later this year, but we are excited to share with you that we are expanding our programming! This year has revealed the desire of foster and adoptive parents to have increased support and community once their children are home with them. We see this as a critical area where we can step in to provide programming that will not only allow growth in parenting in these special circumstances, but also a chance for fellowship with other local believers who are doing the same work. We are busy preparing for these programs now and will be sharing as soon as plans are set. Be ok the lookout for some events this fall!

Thank you for partnering with us. Your generosity is enabling children like the ones mentioned at the Gala to find safe and loving homes.

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