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I Don't Know What I Am Doing

I don’t always know what I am doing.

As a parent. As a friend. As a spouse.

I could keep going, and I am pretty sure you can relate.

My son has the most joyful spirit you may ever meet. He laughs almost constantly throughout the day. When he encounters new things, he often labels them as ‘silly’. Things being upside down puts him in stitches. Even when he is upset, half of the time he’ll erupt into laughter in the midst of his cries.

Most people we meet find this endearing, and generally it is. They don’t know that his laughter through tears is probably a defense mechanism developed through years of living in a place where crying wasn’t an acceptable response to pain. It is also a response of not really knowing how to label his emotions, not knowing how to share with us how his body is feeling.

So when he tells me that the scary doctor's visit was “fun,” I am not terribly sure how to respond. When he cannot stop giggling in the middle of the night I don’t know if he is scared or simply playing.

What I do know is that I have help in my corner. And there are resources to tap into. There are people who have walked before me through these circumstances, and people who are currently walking the same path. There are other moms who draw their strength from the only source of Living Water, Jesus Christ. It is easy to forget these things, to feel isolated and alone on our parenting journey.

Beginning in January of 2022, we are hosting an adoptive and foster mom support group.

Because we all need people in our corner, we need to draw our circles wide.

Come and sip coffee with local moms who are in this with you. Share triumphs and struggles, tips and tricks, scripture verses, prayers, and stories of hope.

We’ll make room around our table for you.

If you’re not a mom, or getting out of the house isn’t feasible, give us a call. We’d love to connect you with a family nearby.

Our vision is to see Christians partnering together, and this can start with a simple time together or a phone call between families.


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