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Repetition Implies Importance

Repetition is the key to many things in life.

It takes 50 repetitions to build a new habit. It can take 10-20 times listening to a new song for you to decide that you enjoy it. They say it takes 30 times of repetition to memorize a bit of information.

The familiarity principle essentially says that the more times you are exposed to something, the more likely you are to see it favorably, or have a preference for it. In one study, they measured how many tastes of different vegetables it took a child to begin to like a vegetable. Many children began to like a vegetable they previously disliked after 8-9 tastes (though apparently kids never did come to enjoy bell peppers, no matter how many tastes).

Scripture works this way, too. Repetition implies importance.

Psalm 136 repeats over and over again, “His steadfast love endures forever.” 25 times. Why? Because we need to remind ourselves and each other of something that can all too easily be forgotten. “Dwelling on a simple and weighty truth for an extended period of time will, at times, be the only way to break through spiritual forgetfulness.” (Nick Roen)

In Philippians 3:1, Paul says, “To write the same things to you is no trouble to me and is safe for you.” He acknowledges that he isn’t saying anything new, and that is good. He repeats himself to remind our hearts of what we need to hear.

In our heart of hearts, we can also recognize that when God is calling us to something difficult, we can usually find a lot of ways to rationalize his voice away. So he keeps gently reminding us of his call, setting people and experiences in front of us that seem like coincidences but are obviously the work of providence.

This is why we host Orphan Care 101 classes as often as we can.

It is why we remind you as often as we can about the local agency’s information session.

It is why we host trainings and book studies that talk about the ways we can help children coming from difficult backgrounds.

These past 6 months, we have been blessed to see the fruit of our repetitive sowing. Behind the scenes, we’re having conversations with families who have talked about adopting or fostering for years and are finally taking the next step. They’re talking to other families we’ve connected them to about their experiences. Attending information sessions. Taking volunteer trainings.

And so, we continue to repeat our message and our call to Christians in our community. We seek to be faithful to the Word of God in our repetition. We pray that hearts will heed his call to care for the widow, the orphan, and the sojourner.

Have you heard our message a million times?

Did something recently stir you towards action?

Email us today.

We’d love to chat more about where you feel God is leading you and how we can help.

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