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The Church as Community

Much of 2020 was spent within the boundaries of our homes.

Inside of the new daily routines, some of us found treasures hidden in the recesses of unstructured play time and unhurried family meals. The slow evenings led way to living room picnics and long hikes through our neighborhood trails.

At the same time, sometimes even back-to-back with our most memorable moments, some of us discovered anxieties lurking behind closed doors. Virtual schooling brought out something in our child that we never knew was there, instigating meltdowns and power struggles. Finding space for being alone was a rarity.

Church was held in our living rooms, through a screen. Some Sundays, that was a lovely and relaxing time, nestled on our couch with a cup of coffee in hand. Other weeks, the kids whined or played loudly and our attention was stunted. While we gathered “together,” it certainly wasn’t the same.

This year assuredly cemented for me the fact that we were born for relationship. Even moreso, as Christians, we need our brothers and sisters to walk with us, encourage us, and spur one another on towards Christ. Many of us have eased back into some form of church gathering in-person, and while different, it feels like a breath of fresh air.

Part of the reason the word “coalition” is in our name comes from that same principle: a focus on relationship and fellowship. We work better together, and our calling in this world of foster care and adoption makes us need each other more.

So, this year, as we all venture outside of the boundaries of our home to varying degrees, MAOCC wants to find ways to bring us closer together. We’ll begin with some virtual times and, Lord willing, be able to meet in person later on this year through book studies, conferences, and other events geared towards educating, equipping, and encouraging you as you walk out your calling.

Check out our first book study, going through The Connected Child in virtual format over a period of 4 weeks. We’ll begin with a guided group discussion, and end with a time for questions and answers. The class size is limited, so be sure to sign up today.

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