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When the Calendar is Full

This fall is a busy one. Somehow when I look at my calendar that I *swear* I didn’t fill, it is full. The list gives me slight heart palpitations.

But then I take a step back and LOOK at what each thing is on my calendar.

Represented are wonderful daily rhythms, time with dear friends, church services in which to grow in grace, and family events. Now, to be sure, not all of the things listed on my calendar are welcome. There are also dentist appointments, DMV trips, therapy appointments, band practice, and so much more.

But it helps to look past the catalog of busyness to the principles each item represents to my family: faith, relationship, commitment, serving others, movement, time outdoors, etc. Every season I try to take a look at what exactly is filling our calendar and reflect those events against the backdrop of our goals. Does that list of to-do’s help us towards our ultimate purpose?

This upcoming fall season is full. Full of weekend trips to see out-of-town family, birthday celebrations, and LOTS of opportunities to invest in the raising of our son.

As an organization, we’ve taken a similar inventory of our upcoming season. It makes us VERY EXCITED. The things that we value are heavily represented this year. And we want you to join us where those values align.

There is something for everyone here.

Foster, kinship, and adoptive families have not only Family Fun events, but also a Parent Training Night on a topic that affects many of us. They are chances to invest into our children with relationships, education, and an eagerness to embrace who they are.

Foster, kinship, and adoptive moms can attend our support group on the third Thursday of the month, where they will be cared for and care for others who are in similar seasons or family situations.

Individuals and families who are thinking about adoption can come out to our Adoption 101: Information Session on November 15th. Maybe some will take that step of faith that has been lingering in the back of their minds for some time. Perhaps others will follow where the Lord is leading them and connect with multiple adoption agencies all in one night in order to learn even more.

EVERYONE can participate in National Adoption Month: share prayer cards of waiting children in your church; participate in Stand Sunday; share our resources on your social media; attend an Orphan Care 101; or schedule one at your church. Take a step towards moving your family into radically serving others, as the Lord leads you.

Keep checking out our social media for announcements about the exciting fall line-up we have to share with you. We hope you will join us for at least one opportunity to learn, grow, and connect this fall.

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