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Where Do We Go From Here?

We are all undoubtedly weary from the last year.

Though the truth is, we are all still dealing with its lasting effects, and likely will be for some time to come.

Here at Mid-Atlantic Orphan Care Coalition, we miss you.

We miss hosting events in local churches, hearing the shocked responses when we share about the plight of orphans and vulnerable children. We miss the overflow of care and mission that results from eyes being opened. We miss gathering together to share ways in which parents, teachers, and church ministries can serve children in need of families.

So where do we go from here?

We gather together.

We are a community of foster and adoptive families. We are a community of people whose passion is to serve children in need of families.

Right now, we are planning several Orphan Care 101’s for this fall throughout New Castle & Chester Counties.

For our parents & families in the thick of it, we have some new things for you coming, too.

Our aim is to equip you not only with the means to parent your child(ren) well, but also to arm you with gospel truths that will sustain you through the mountains and the valleys. We seek to bring trauma-informed training that is undergirded by a Christ-centered foundation.

We step out from simply providing training and ground our feet in the hope of the Gospel. Many agencies in our community can provide solid training that is based in science and outcomes, and so we do not pretend to be the forerunner in trauma-informed parenting. Our goal, though, is that after attending one of our events, you leave feeling educated, refreshed, full of hope, and having met fellow Christians who are doing the same work in the trenches day in and day out.

Let’s build a community together: one where parents can relate to more specific issues related to foster care and adoption; one where children are in a sea of other foster and adoptive kiddos instead of the only one.

Many of you involved with us are already busy. You are parents, church volunteers, friends, family members, and community members.

We hope you’ll make room for our events, to nourish your soul and provide refreshment for your family.

Reach out today if you’d like us at your church for an Orphan Care 101.

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